Sunday, March 1, 2009

What's worse than a dirty ceiling fan??

Cleaning a dirty ceiling fan!!

It is always a bigger job than just the fan, because the army of dust raids your floors, counters, beds, or carpet. Well those soldiers are MIA now because I've found a new way to combat them! Using an old pillow case, cover your fan blades and wipe them clean with your hands and fingers. Not only does the dust stay contained, but every crevice of your fan is spotless! When finished, turn your pillow case inside out and shake off the dust outside. Don't forget to launder inside out as well.


Lisa said...

What an awesome idea!

LB3K said...

Wow! You are good!

Bridget said...

Great idea! I have never thought of that and it is a terrible mess to clean a ceiling fan!

I am going to post this great idea on my organization blog sometime! Love it!

Laci and the Girls said...

THANK YOU!!!! I just freaked out today when our living room fan got turned on because of the insane amount of dust I knew would be flying off it! Seriously, those things get soooooooo dirty! That is going to be #1 on my list tomorrow.....thanks!

Debbie Eades said...

Wow! How timely...I just went to the store and bought MIKE a new kind of mop thing so he could clean ours. They are too tall for me and if I get on a stool or ladder, well off I fall and that cant be good. I will now just give him a pillowcase. Great idea! We never had ceiling fans in our old house so this is new to us.I had no idea how much dust was up there until last week. YUCK!! Short people miss a lot.

Bateman Family said...

Because you have such a keen mind, maybe you can tell me how to clean blinds sanely?

Boyce Bunch said...

You are just so smart!! I can't wait to get Jeff to try it out for us!! Hope all is well with you little princesses!!

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